Terry Fox Run at Bridgeport a Big Success

This year, the Marathon of Hope marks it’s 37th anniversary. The anniversary when Terry Fox, one of Canada’s biggest heroes began his historic run in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Bridgeport Public School has been participating in the Terry Fox Run for the past 13 years. The students at Bridgeport ran their hearts out on Friday, October 6 and raised $2 127.75 for cancer research. Over the past 13 years, Bridgeport Public School has raised $20 108.25. This year, the top fundraising class will be rewarded with a pizza party to celebrate their hard work. The top primary class was Mr. Jarvie’s grade 3 class. The top class and pizza party winner was Mrs. Greg’s class who raised $273.00. Thank-you to all in our Bridgeport community who once again, showed their true spirit. Thanks for all your generous donations. Hopefully one day, a cure for this dreaded disease will be found!