The Waterloo Region District School Board understands that it can be difficult for parents to stay on top of all the activities that happen at school. That is why we are implementing a new on-line payment and communications tool in a number of our schools. This tool, called “School-Day”, will be available at Bridgeport beginning October

What’s in it for parents?

School-Day can be accessed from any web browser and gives parents real-time, secure access to up-to-date information, and the ability to:

  • Complete on-line payments for trips or other activities
  • Approve permission forms instantly on-line
  • Sign up for parent/teacher interviews
  • Update your mobile device with calendar events specific to your child
  • Minimize the risks associated with sending money to school with your child (“backpack delivery”) and reduce the environmental impact of photocopying permission forms and announcements

We are excited to offer our parents this efficient and convenient tool and are asking parents to consider signing up for School-Day. For more information registering for School-Day, please contact Bridgeport or visit

Electronic Registration Only  will give you on-line directions.