Bridgeport School Council’s mission is to advocate for our students, families and educators to support our children’s holistic learning and development. We value connecting school and community, building collaborative relationships, providing resources and sharing information.

School Council meets virutally (Google Meet) the second Tuesday of every month from 7:00-9:00 pm. Check the website calendar for dates and times. All are welcome to join our meetings as members or volunteers  school council request form.

For a summary of our activities and accomplishments this past year, see our  Annual-Summary-2019-20.


2020-2021 Members: 

Josh Barbour
Tony Beckberger (Treasurer)
Sue Clarke
Melissa Coleman (Grants)
Mark Gallas
Laura Hanke
Nadia Landry
Heather Lobsinger (Co-Fundraising)
Jessica Maguire Pearson
Jessica McQuistin
Devonnie Melanson
Kate Olijnyk (Chair)
Seyhan Quinn (WRAPSC)
Christine Rose
Kendra Seymour (Secretary)
Chau Truong-Wood (Co-Fundraising)
Meghan Wentworth
Anita Smith (Community Rep)
Crystal Thomson (Staff Rep)
Murray Crewson (Principal)

To contact School Council or to receive our email notifications & newsletters, contact us at